Workshop for Teachers – February 2020

Join us on this wonderful workshop for Teachers with international speakers who will be delivering lectures related to English language teaching and learning.
The event will take place on February the 4th at Hotel del Paraguay.

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Brain-Friendly Ideas to Enhance Your Teaching Repertoire!

By Eugenia Dell’Osa

Are you in need of innovative ideas to teach the most traditional topics and structures? 

This workshop is aimed at teachers willing to enrich their repertoire and use English in a natural way in the classroom. We will use drama games,  brain-friendly activities, and more resourceful techniques to have your kids, teenagers and adults engaged from beginning to end! Teachers will be provided with practical ideas on how to introduce and recycle vocabulary, systematize grammar and structures, deal with authentic material, as well as link activities and topics in a holistic way.

This session will provide you with hands-on dynamic ideas to take to your classes. We will experience activities for the different age groups and different learning styles.

A “Never Enough” Approach to Teacher Well-Being

By Gustavo González

We, teachers of English, usually attend conferences, workshops and seminars, investing our money and time to become better professionals. But we often neglect the fact that in order to be great professionals, we need to be our best in terms of well-being. Hardly ever do we take into account the importance of taking care of ourselves.

This talk aims at raising awareness on how important and necessary it is to take GOOD care of ourselves to have a healthy professional life. Let’s have a look-see at those small big things we usually disregard and are of paramount importance for leading a fulfilling life that will impact positively in our teaching careers.

The Power of Collaborative Learning

By Gustavo González

What does a Broadway musical and an English class have in common? One of my answers is: collaboration in order to get an enjoyable quality product.

In this session we will discuss reasons why collaborative work is so important in our classes today and share ideas to use in class to foster collaboration among students, contributing to building an inclusive learning community, where everybody has a role to play, as in a musical production.

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