Tips for learning while having fun

If you are one of those people who love to watch shows and are used to spending hours in front of the screen, you can relieve your conscience and take advantage of this time to practice the language you want to learn.

In the past, if you wanted to practice a language using Netflix or movies in general, you only had a couple of possibilities: you could either listen in English with Spanish subtitles, or for those who had more advanced knowledge, you could put the subtitles in English and try to follow them. All of this is helpful but the novelty that stands out today is the Google Chrome Learning Language with Netflix (LLN) extension, which starts up every time you play your favorite series.

Here’s how it works: the mechanism is very simple, just install the application in Chrome and then go to Netflix on the same device, choose the series you want to see and select the language you want to learn. LLN starts automatically and allows you to watch the dialogues in the selected language, select a different language if you wish or even slow down the video. You can also select an option that highlights the words you choose and explains the meaning.

In short, if you want to practice English you must select the audio and subtitles in English, and when you open LLN select the subtitles in Spanish by clicking on ‘Settings’.

Here is a button to more information and instructions:

From now on, enjoy and learn with your favorite series and movies!