One of the main barriers that we Paraguayans have when learning a new language is the fear of speaking it and practicing it in public. Here we share some tricks that will help you lose your fear and progress more quickly.

Face your fear

Just like any other fear, you must face this one. Try to unblock yourself and don’t be afraid of making a mistake. You learn from everything, especially from your mistakes.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others, each person is unique and has his or her own learning pace. Focus on yourself.

Talk to yourself

Talking to the mirror is very important, it’s a good way to see what your qualities and defects are. This will help you gain confidence.

Forget the accent

Although phonetics are very important and at some point you must know the pronunciation of each word, the initial step is to understand and be understood. With practice and the help of a teacher you will also be able to improve your accent.

Think in English

This is one of the biggest challenges. Before starting a conversation, it is important to think about what you want to convey in English so that you can say it correctly.

Visualise your success

Sometimes the fear of speaking comes from low self-confidence. Visualise yourself speaking fluently, be positive, and with practice, this will come true.

Make English a part of your life

Try listening to music or watching TV shows or reading books or magazines in English. English is a universal language that is always in your life, you just have to let it in.

Find someone to practice with

It is very important to have someone to practice with and of course a teacher who can guide you to learn more and more. Being in contact with the language at least two or three times a week is crucial to advance at a good pace.